About ISBM

ISBM was founded in 1983 as a collective of leading academics from premier institutions around the globe partnering with B2B companies for the purpose of directing, advancing and disseminating the Science of B2B Marketing.

While business-to-business (B2B) represents approximately 65% of the global economy, only a small fraction of resources and attention is dedicated to advancing B2B marketing research and knowledge.  The overwhelming majority of universities fail to offer any concentrations of research, education or outreach programming that is focused on B2B Markets.  ISBM fills that gap with Member Firms learning from and sharing needs with 30 Academic Fellows and 6 Practice Fellows and 18 B2B Instructors and Partners globally.

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We exist to accelerate the development and adoption of innovation and marketing best practices for the growth and sustainability of B2B Companies.


Be the premier organization for dynamically and intimately connecting B2B Marketing professionals with thought leaders, educators and academic researchers advancing the science of B2B Marketing for the benefit of the growth of our Member Companies.

Meet the team

As a part of ISBM, you join a group with deep, concentrated experience in B2B Businesses and Markets. Our Team consists of our staff, instructors, academic fellows and select partners. All of ISBM is dedicated to improving your B2B Marketing and Sales capabilities that drive organic growth.
Lynn Yanyo

Lynn Yanyo

Executive Director

A former ISBM member from LORD Corp. Lynn has decades of experience in automotive, industrial, and electronics markets as well as first-hand experience in invention and innovation in new business development.

Rand Mendez

Rand Mendez

Executive Director - Membership

A former ISBM member from DuPont, Rand has decades of experience in B2B Sales, Marketing, and Business. He created the industry benchmark for corporate functional excellence programs - DuPont Marketing Excellence, DuPont Global Commercial Academy, and Strategic Marketing Process 2.0.

Lori Nicolini

Lori Nicolini

Events Manager

Our essential foundation for ISBM for over a decade, Lori manages all of the details for events and programming.

Stefan Wuyts

Stefan Wuyts

Director, ISBM-Penn State

Professor of Marketing in Smeal College at Penn State, Stefan directs ISBM B2B research funding and the biennial research conference and graduate special courses.

Ralph Oliva

Ralph Oliva

Membership Director Emeritus

Proving no one ever really leaves ISBM, Ralph has devoted his academic life to ISBM and continues to support us with his active membership support, linking students to industry.

Gary Lilien

Gary Lilien

Research Director Emeritus

Bringing continuity, Gary is recently “retired” from direct ISBM research management but continues to support us with his experience, knowledge and connectivity.

Our B2B Mastery Instructors

Unlike other educational organizations, ISBM has used our network to assemble a pre-eminent selection of B2B Mastery Instructors from Business Schools and independent training organizations from around the world. All are the leading educators in their specific areas of expertise.
Name Title Affiliation
Dr. Liam Fahey Professor of Management Practice; Executive Director of Leadership Forum, Inc. Babson College
Dr. Bob Thomas Professor of Marketing Georgetown University
Joanne M. Smith President and Author Price to Profits Consulting
Bob Cooper President Product Development Institute
Gerry Katz Vice Chairman Applied Marketing Science (AMS)
Ralph Cummins President & Managing Director EMM Group
Becky Williams President Realm, Executive Leadership
Jeff Bennett Managing Partner Amphora Consulting
Steve Hurley Managing Director Solutions Insights, Inc.
Dan Adams President The AIM Institute
Craig Apatov Managing Partner Ascension Growth & Innovation Strategies, Inc
Amy Vandaveer Clinical Professor and Coach Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) University of Houston
Joel Le Bon Director of Professional Development University of Houston
Randy Webb Director and Executive Professor University of Houston
Carl Herman Director of Executive Education University of Houston
Vince Kostelnik President Ad Ej Solutions Inc.
Sandy Jap Sarah Beth Brown Professor of Marketing Emory University
Dennis E. Gilbert President Appreciative Strategies, LLC

isbm fellows

The “ISBM Fellows” program provides even more opportunities to ask the world’s B2B thought leaders specific questions about your business marketing problems and opportunities. As experts in specific business marketing topics, all ISBM Distinguished Research Fellows—scholars at leading universities—have strong track records consulting to businesses around the globe, in addition to their extensive teaching and publishing activities. They know and respect real-world business management and leading-edge solutions, and they are dedicated to applying their knowledge to actual
marketing problems and opportunities.

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Our Trusted Partners are renowned for their expertise and quality of service to
B2B companies. They know our members well and are very active with ISBM
and our membership. Our Trusted Partners engage at our events, adding value
with their expertise but operate in a commercial-free manner.