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    The Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM)

    Rand Mendez

    Executive Director - Membership

    Lynn Yanyo

    Executive Director

    Lori Nicolini

    Events Manager

    our members say

    "Every Institute meeting - and I've only missed 3 in 10 years - has yielded an idea that resulted in incremental revenue or profits for my company. Their conferences are fantastic with intimate access to the true thought leaders in B2B."

    Marketing Director, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

    "We joined ISBM knowing that they would help us benchmark ourselves and identify areas of improvement. After 3 years on the journey, we have clearly moved the needle on our individual marketing competencies as well as instituted
    best-practice processes."

    CMO, Advanced Materials Manufacturer

    "For many years we attended the Member Meetings and appreciated knowing that our membership fees supported B2B research. Then we attended our first Marketing Excellence Roundtable and immediately came back with actionable items that made us better. We are now avid participants as we learn with and from the
    other member companies."

    Market Research Director, B2B Services Firm

    "We needed a last meeting speaker for a Sales and Marketing event. ISBM sent a speaker and staff who ended up running a brain-storming session and helped us pull the results together to execute on the 3 best ideas. The sales and marketing evaluations were the best of this event."

    Sales and Marketing Director, Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

    "We used the ISBM network of instructors to create an in-house training program for our technically trained marketers. This has become our highly successful training program to advance your career in marketing. We've been running annually now for 6 years and continue to evolve and ISBM continues to evolve and
    improve the program."

    Corporate HR Director, Electronic Devices Manufacturer

    "We brought ISBM in to run a VOC Workshop with our business teams. This kicked off a series of VOC studies that led to identification of near term growth, which we have tracked above $300M so far."

    VP Marketing, Industrial Material Manufacturer