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Value Chain Economics


Understand value throughout the value chain and how your offering ultimately delivers value to all customers at all levels.

B2B companies typically face complex value chains with multi-step distribution, installers, resellers and end-users as well as regulators and other influencers.  They may even be experiencing competing value chains as e-commerce and everything ‘as a service’ penetrate the B2B world. This course presents micro-economics as the key to understanding the trade-offs being made by these constituents and how they should be factored into your marketing strategies.


  • Marketing professional who wants to enhance their ability to understand and communicate how and why their customers make decisions at multiple levels and how they can influence those decisions
  • Marketing professionals who want to expand their expertise in the areas of customer value, marketing segmentation, value proposition, and value pricing.
  • Managers in charge of developing and delivering targeted products or services to business markets


2-day interactive workshop using a mix of lectures, discussion, and application exercises.


After completing this workshop you will able to analyze and answer.

  • At what level of the value chain does our differentiation create value?
  • At what level of the value chain should we segment?
  • Is the customer who receives the value in a position to pay for the value? And how do we demonstrate and deliver value to that customer?
  • What is the optimal pricing approach to capture value while maintaining the right incentives throughout the value chain?


Understanding value chains as part of market analysis.

Defining markets as the problem you solve……But who is the customer?

What is a value chain

  • Product flow
  • Decision flow
  • Money flow

Market space ‘cube’ – is your value chain part of a bigger market space?

  • Applying micro-economics: who makes money and why

Customer value equation and differentiation

Money flow re-visited: profit pools

Competing along the value chain

Business models – disruption and the value chain


Jeff Bennett is the founder and Managing Partner of Amphora Consulting. Jeff (along with Darrin Flemming) is a co-authors of Grassroots Strategy, Cultivating B2B Growth from the Ground Up. Prior to founding the firm he was a Partner at Booz, Allen and Hamilton, specializing in strategy and organizational work, primarily industrial, automotive and building products. In 14 years with Booz, Allen, Jeff also led high-level strategic transformations in agricultural, media, consumer durable and packaged goods companies. He has also worked at Capital One as Vice President of Strategy and Analysis for the Direct Marketing Center.

Jeff is a pioneer and a recognized expert on understanding customer value and then using decision rights to develop and implement practical strategies to drive short-term results and long-term improvement. His articles on decision rights and organizational models have been published in Harvard Business Review, Strategy & Business and Leader to Leader. Jeff (along with Darrin Flemming) is a co-author of Grassroots Strategy, Cultivating B2B Growth from the Ground Up, published in 3Q2019.

Jeff has an MS in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

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Cancellation Policy: (Prior to course start date)

For the benefit of our attendees, our course attendance is purposefully limited. We will only provide a full refund for cancellations prior to 21 days before the start of the course. In lieu of a refund, prior to 7 days before the start of any course, you may choose to use your payment to attend another Mastery Curriculum Course. Please contacting us to determine availability.

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