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Trillion Dollar Issues in Innovation and Business (Gerard J. Tellis)


In the last two decades, the US has been a technological powerhouse. All the world’s top tech firms have risen in the US, primarily on its west coast. Just the top seven US tech firms are together valued at more than 11 trillion US dollars. Yet various US government agencies have attacked these firms. The agencies allege that these firms’ success has come though marketing, advertising, acquisitions, and network effects. However, my research shows that these firms have succeeded due to radical innovations, which have led to superior products, which in turn have led to enormous growth in market share, profits, and market cap. Understanding this critical nexus has important implications for competitive strategy, global entry & growth, and public policy on competition and innovation.


Gerard J. Tellis

Gerard J. Tellis (PhD Michigan) is Neely Chaired Professor of American Enterprise, Director of the Institute for Outlier Research in Business, Director of the Center for Global Innovation, and Professor of Marketing and Management & Organization at the USC Marshall School of Business. Dr. Tellis is one of the world’s leading experts in technological innovation, effective advertising, virality on social media, and diffusion of innovations. He has published 7 books and over 300 papers ( ) on these topics, which have earned over 32,000 citations in Google Scholar. His publications have won over 25 awards, including the AMA-IRWIN-McGraw Hill Distinguished Educator, ISMS Don Morrison, Buck Weaver, Frank M. Bass, William F. O'Dell (twice), and Harold D. Maynard (twice) awards.

Dr. Tellis is a Distinguished Professor of Marketing Research, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, a Research Fellow at University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, UK. He was President of ISMS and has been an Associate Editor of Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research. Previously he was a Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute, the Treasurer and VP External Affairs of ISMS, and a Sales Development Manager of Ethnor/ Johnson & Johnson. In his spare time, he is a fruit gardener and a rock collector.

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