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The Science Behind Visual Cues in UX/UI Design


UX and UI is a science, and like good B2B marketers it’s essential that you know every possible variable to drive success, as well as the constants that all good science builds from. UX and UI design is not a simple output of creativity, it’s a unique approach that must take into account how every visual decision impacts user behavior both on and off your website. But there are many considerations you must factor in when creating experiences for diverse audiences across myriad channels and these factors live in an ever evolving world of user expectations. To make sense of it all, it’s imperative that marketers understand the foundational elements of visual communication and the small visual cues that could make or break a final product. In this session, Amy Balliett the CEO of Killer Visual Strategies and leading expert in visual communication, will shed light on the subtle visual elements that could drastically impact user experience, customer conversions, and product flow. She’ll share how to plan for future expectations while grounding your work in the unmovable constants that fuel our own psychological response to experience design and marketing. She’ll also provide tips and tricks pulled from her acclaimed book, also titled Killer Visual Strategies (and available now on Amazon) that will help you improve your content marketing and garner more engagement!


Amy Balliett is the CEO and founder of the creative content agency, Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics). She owned her first company, a candy store and ice cream parlor, at the age of 17 before heading off for college. She subsequently built a successful career in SEO and marketing, and headed up SEO at several companies before launching Killer in 2010. In the years since, she has grown Killer Visual Strategies to become the industry leader in visual communication, driving visual strategy and creative content campaigns for global brands including Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe, Nikon, Starbucks, the National Endowment for the Arts, the United Nations, and more.

Considered an expert in her field, Balliett speaks at dozens of conferences each year including SXSW, Adobe MAX, SMX, and more. She is also a regular teacher at The School of Visual Concepts, a guest lecturer at several colleges and universities, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and the author of the newly released book Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication. Amy’s book titled Killer Visual Strategies is now available on Amazon.


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