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The Concept of Value in B2B and Developing Winning Value Propositions (Ralph Oliva) (TK4)

This course will be delivered remotely.  The course may be taken individually or as part of the B2B Marketing Mastery TRACK™ Series. Register on this page for the individual course or click here to register for the full B2B Marketing Mastery TRACK.


Two remote sessions, 3 hours each.


  • September 3 & 4, 2024


  • This course is designed to provide practical working know-how for B2B marketing and sales professionals, communications professionals, and anyone whose career would be advanced by becoming more precise, efficient, and effective in persuasive activity.


Understand the Concept of Value in B2B Offerings and how to analyze, measure and link this to defining a unique and impactful Value Proposition for your offering.


  • This Course, comprised of 2 Modules, and is offered as part of our B2B Marketing Mastery TRACK™ Series or can also be taken on its own.
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  • Individual Course Registration Non-Member Rate:  $2395.00


Ralph Oliva

Dr. Ralph A. Oliva, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Smeal College of Business, Penn State; former Executive Director and Faculty Lead, ISBM. Former Vice President of Market Communications and Design, Texas Instruments. Dr. Oliva brings over 50 years of experience in B2B marketing practice and has received12 awards for teaching excellence from his students in the second year of the MBA program at Penn State. He has taught, coached and consulted on value-based B2B marketing extensively around the world for ISBM member firms.

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