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From strategy all the way through execution the marketer’s world has become primarily digital.  The Modern Marketing Technology Landscape from the “Martech 5000” now has almost 7,000 different platforms that one could consider. Making sense of it all can be an overwhelming task.

Further, Nigel Fenwick from Forester has stated in his premier article on Digital Transformation that “By 2020, every business will become either a digital predator or digital prey.  The predators, (he said) will achieve digital mastery in creating new sources of value for customers and the prey will be unable to evolve their business models until it’s too late”.

Is it too late for you? Probably not, but the sooner you can gain understanding of what is important, what is not and how to bring digital under control, the better it is for you, your organization and your customer base.

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As a foundational course, new marketers as well as those who have limited experience and don’t have a handle on each aspect of digital, you will gain insight into the primary characteristics of effective digital marketing.

Even for those who manage a team or have mastery or are a specialist in particular areas of marketing, this course will give you the high level overview needed to understand how it all fits together.


This marketing instruction will be delivered using updated classroom style presentations along with lectures and practical hands-on work with each participant. The program is a combination of instruction and training along with time for analysis and practical application of each company’s potential to understand and improve their digital marketing presence.


  • Day 1:  Foundational
    • It all starts with an effective marketing strategy
    • Digital Transformation: did you miss the boat?  OR is there hope for you?
    • Is B2B marketing the same as B2C marketing? HINT: “yes” and “no”
    • Managing Digital Assets effectively
    • Demand Generation: the key to successful marketing
    • The Marketing Audit
    • The Buyer Journey
    • Messaging and Content is the foundation
    • Your Value Proposition – the most important thing in engaging your audience
  • Day 2: Nuts & Bolts
    • Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation
    • Websites:Is this where you start tactically?
    • The Google Algorithm and Search Engine Optimization
    • The keys to understanding Pay-Per-Click Marketing
    • Mobile First – what does this mean?
    • Why Video is a good idea
    • What about Social Media?
    • Email Marketing: The key to keeping and converting long-term prospects
    • Why Analytics
    • Return-on-Investment and Return-on-Objective
    • Feedback is of utmost importance


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