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Negotiation is not so difficult when you know the parameters for success! This seminar will explore the seven stages of negotiation and reinforce how communication plays a role in the success of any negotiation. Participants will briefly explore the concepts of problem identity, the other persons perspective, solution generation, and seeking the win-win. Intriguing topics such as adapting your style and body language will be explored. This program is packed with tips and techniques that can help you discover the art of negotiation.


This is a Specialty B2B Marketing concept and workshop, typical audience would be marketing professionals, product management, technical, sales, and leadership.


1 to 2-day interactive workshop including applied learning and facilitated discussion.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the basic concepts of collaborative negotiation.
  • Learn seven stages of successful negotiation.
  • Discover communication techniques that improve negotiations.
  • Explore body language as it relates to communication.
  • Learn how to better prepare for negotiations.


  • Introduction
    • Basic Concepts of Negotiation
    • Typical Business Negotiations
  • Stages of Negotiations
    • Examining Seven Stages of Negotiations
    • Applying the Stages
  • Verbal Communication and Body Language
    • Verbal Communication
    • Adapting Your Style
    • Watch the Body Language
  • Creating an Action Plan
    • A Plan for Your Next Negotiation
    • Seeking the Win-Win


Dennis E. Gilbert, President, Appreciative Strategies, LLC.  Dennis is a proven business leader, expertise in marketing, advertising and research. He has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals and teams transition forward to achieve higher levels of business and organizational success. He has obtained the highly coveted status of Certified Speaking Professional (CSPTM) with the National Speaker Association.

Dennis is an author, alumnus of the Pennsylvania State University and Pennsylvania College of Technology. He holds a Master of Science degree in Workforce Education and Development from Penn State. Dennis has dual degrees from Penn College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management and an Associate degree in Computer Science. His extensive background is the culmination of more than 30 years of business and educational expertise.

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Cancellation Policy: (Prior to course start date)

For the benefit of our attendees, our course attendance is purposefully limited. We will only provide a full refund for cancellations prior to 21 days before the start of the course. In lieu of a refund, prior to 7 days before the start of any course, you may choose to use your payment to attend another Mastery Curriculum Course. Please contacting us to determine availability.

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