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Marketplace Insights


In a world overflowing with data, why is it so challenging for marketers to find truly significant new insights about how their markets are changing and what it will take to win in the future?

Senior executives, often lament that the reports and recommendations they receive from their marketing teams, market research firms, and consultants just confirm what was already common knowledge. As a result, managers frequently pose questions such as these:

  • What techniques can we use to craft insight more quickly?
  • How can we manage our deliberations so that they’re more likely to yield higher quality insight?
  • How do we ensure that the insights we provide will influence decision making?

Using cases and examples from a variety of organizations, Liam Fahey will teach participants how to apply new techniques for insight work to help gain competitive advantage in their markets.


  • Marketing leaders/managers and analysis team leaders
  • Intelligence professionals who lead and contribute to intelligence work
  • Market researchers, data analytics managers, industry analysts, and competitor analysts


At the end of this workshop, participants will understand how to:

  • Recognize what true insight is (and is not)
  • Perform and manage each stage of the insight process
  • Conduct analysis faster and better to get to quality insights
  • Anticipate and manage the people issues involved in the Insight Process
  • Shape and present insights in ways that are meaningful to decision makers
  • Avoid biases that can affect insight creation
  • Identify the critical errors involved in each stage of the Insight Process
  • Use insights to develop key strategy inputs (e.g. opportunities, risks) and to develop action plans


Dr. Liam Fahey is Cofounder and Partner in Leadership Forum as well as the creator and leader of its Intelligence Leadership Forum. He has been an award-winning faculty member at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Boston University, and he now serves as Professor of Management Practice at Babson College.

His consulting, teaching, research and writing focus is on enabling organizations to win in the marketplace through enhanced marketplace intelligence and insight. He advises leaders, conducts workshops, consults to analysis specialists and engages with work teams in all facets of generating and leveraging marketplace intelligence and insight. He is author or editor of eight books and over fifty articles or book chapters, and he is an ISBM Research Fellow.

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