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LinkedIn B2B – Optimizing Your Personal Brand, Product Brand, and Lead Generation

Modern sales is based on (digital) trust, adding value, thought leadership and consistency.

Together with the customer, you investigate the needs and whether your proposition would be a good fit. All of this happens on a foundation of confidence because trust is key. This new definition of sales is the cornerstone on which Just Connecting was founded in 2009.

Throughout our training programs, we focus on 4 pillars of building trust:

  1. Creating a strong personal and corporate brand / Thought Leadership
  2. Expanding your network with potential customers
  3. Adding value in each step of the Buyer Journey by Sharing insightful content
  4. Being approachable and know when to convert

This transformative method gains even more standing in today’s hybrid world of sales. Does

your sales team lack the skills to virtually connect and stay in touch with customers? Then that is a problem you can no longer ignore.


Online, three 90 Minute sessions.  Class is limited to 12 participants


  • February 6, 2024
  • February 8, 2024
  • February 13, 2024


  • All employees:  Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Leadership Board


Session 1 – How to Build a Personal Brand

In this online training of 90 minutes we will cover all the important topics and sections of the individual profile that will increase both the visibility and findability of our professionals:

  • Making the best first impression aligned with the desired proposition
  • Writing an authentic and strategic “About” section that will not only draw people to our profiles but also convert visitors to potential leads
  • How to use Media in a strategic way on the individual profiles to increase both individual and company visibility towards the target audiences (as well as Google position of corporate websites)
  • 3 Tips how to use your “work experience” to emphasize your authority and expertise
  • Why Skills are the new “internal LinkedIn SEO” and how to know which Skills to list
  • All about making your profile Social Proof (endorsements and recommendations), and boost your profile to the top of the searches for your potential clients
  • Adjusting the right settings, increasing effectiveness of your LinkedIn presence and activities


Session 2 – How to Leverage your Product/Company Brand

In this online training of 90 minutes we will cover all the important topics on how to establish and grow your Company Page in LinkedIn

  • Optimizing your Company Page with the Algorithm in mind
  • Showcase & Product Pages: when and how to use them
  • Everything you need to know about Content and LinkedIn Algorithm
  • 6 Ingredients for the Perfect Post
  • The winning Content Strategy on LinkedIn
  • How to increase Employee Advocacy
  • How to increase views, engagement and conversion
  • Answers to all your Questions


Session 3 – LinkedIn for Lead Generation

In this online training of 90 minutes we will cover all the important topics on how to identify, connect and engage with potential clients as well as maintain relationships with existing clients.

  • The optimal connection strategy for consultants and sales people
  • How do I manage invites from people I don’t know, how to I identify business opportunities?
  • How do I search for potential interesting contacts using the “free version” of LinkedIn and implementing Boolean Searches and Google Search?
  • Prospect found? Five different ways to get into contact, including some converting templates best on bestpractices
  • All about our successful 3-Step Connection method (on average 20% conversion to leads)
  • 5 Easy to use ways how to identify Buying signals within LinkedIn
  • How to turn my existing network into online ambassadors for your business
  • How to re-active powerful connections into ambassadors for your business


  • Individual Course Registration Member Rate:  $995.00
  • Individual Course Registration Non-Member Rate:  $1195.00


Richard van der Blom (1977)

Richard is the founder of Just Connecting HUB, an international organisation of experts on LinkedIn & Virtual Selling. The HUB offers a wide range of LinkedIn related training and consultancy, like Marketing (Organic & Paid), Social Selling, Employer Branding and Recruitment. Since 2009 Richard has been working as an independent trainer and (strategic) consultant on all aspects of LinkedIn. He developed the B.E.S.T. Social Selling Method (Brand, Expand, Share and Transaction) for individuals and the S.T.E.P.S. strategy (Strategy, Tooling, Enablement, Pilot, Scale Success) for companies. Since 2015 Richard is a member of a European LinkedIn Think Tank, and often asked as a keynote speaker for LinkedIn clients to adopt new solutions and tooling. Over the past years Richard has trained over and spoken to over 200.000 professionals at more than 750 companies worldwide. Amongst his clients are companies like Nestlé, InterSystems, NetApp, Deloitte, Banco Sabadell, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Mercedes, Adecco and many more. In 2020, triggered by the pandemic, Richard created a Virtual Selling Program (6 modules of 2 hours online training) that was implemented by companies like Nestlé, InterSystems and Pitcher and resulted in an instant and sustainable growth in conversion, leads and revenue.

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