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ISBM Members JAM Session – Virtual Leadership and Virtual Collaboration

Join ISBM for a special 90 minute session with Dr. Ghislaine Caulat, Founder and Managing Director of Black Gazelle Consulting. 

Ghislaine has been specializing in Virtual Leadership and Virtual Collaboration for the last 18 years. She has trained over 2,900 leaders from 29 global organizations in this field.

Virtual Leadership and Virtual Collaboration


In this session Dr. Caulat will challenge myths and wide spread assumptions about virtual collaboration and offer impulses as well as practical tips for your practice. If you think you’re just understanding the new/old normal, see how your can take your personal leadership and collaboration virtual skills to another level.

Please take note: this JAM Session will not be presented as a webinar, but as interactive session with Dr. Caulat and participation is limited to 15 participants. Please complete the “Indicate Interest” if you wish to attend.  An individual preparatory meeting (10 minutes) will be scheduled approximately ten (10) days in advance of the session. 


Dr. Ghislaine Caulat combines 12 years of management experience at Daimler and Beiersdorf with 20 years of Executive Education and Business Consulting, 16 of which at Ashridge Business School (now part of Hult International Business School). In 2009 she founded her own consulting and training company dedicated to Virtual Leadership. She has been researching on the topic of Virtual Leadership since 2003. She currently researches on the topic of Power in the Virtual Space and plans to publish her new book on this topic. In the meantime, she has worked with 29 global companies and organizations such as Seco Tools, Coca Cola, Astellas, AstraZeneca, AtlasCopco, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Deutsche Telekom, WHO, the NHS (UK), The Cabinet Office (UK), etc. and has trained or coached over 2,900 leaders and managers from Board to Middle Management levels in the area of Virtual Leadership.

Ghislaine has lived and worked in eight different countries such as Germany, the UK, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey and speaks seven languages.

She obtained her M.A. in Humanities from the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany), her MSc and Doctorate (D Prof) in Organizational Consulting from the Middlesex University and Ashridge Business School in the UK.

More details about Ghislaine’s clients and work can be found at

Ghislaine Caulat

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