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Marketing in Uncertain Times – a Town Hall Expert Panel Discussion

An on-line discussion with other members and thought leaders in a virtual Town Hall with Expert Panelists.

Marketing in Uncertain Times – a Town Hall Expert Panel Discussion

Join our Virtual Town Hall as our Expert Panelists share their insights on the current disruptions and answer questions from the audience (live).

Our three Panelists are:

  • Sandy Jap – Professor of Marketing at Emory, ISBM Fellow and Channel Strategy and Channel Partner expert, on topics relating to channel disruption, channel partners in crisis, channel alignment in times of crisis.
  • Joanne Smith – Price to Profits and ISBM B2B Mastery Curricula Instructor, on pricing challenges and best practices in times of crisis.
  • Erich Joachimsthaler – ISBM Fellow and CEO/Founder of Vivaldi, on protecting and leveraging your brand in times of crisis

Moderator for this discussion is

  • Ralph Cummins of EMM Group and ISBM B2B Mastery Curricula Instructor. Ralph has extensive experience in all aspects of B2B Marketing in times of crisis.


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