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Innovation Strategy and Portfolio Management


Does your business have a clearly defined product innovation strategy, including realistic goals or objectives?  And is your development pipeline full of high-value and strategically important development projects – do you make the right R&D investment decisions?  If not, this seminar is for you.  Join us to see practical methods for defining objectives and goals and then translating these into our business’s innovation strategy.  See the best ways to select new-product projects for investment, complete with many examples and illustrations, and ways to maximize your R&D productivity yet get the right mix and balance of projects.

In this 2-day seminar you will learn how to:

  • Develop a product innovation strategy to focus your business’s product development effort
  • Define clear and meaningful goals and objectives for product innovation
  • Define areas of strategic focus for innovation – deciding where to invest and which areas to avoid – to better direct focused project selection decisions
  • Develop and use product and technology roadmaps and strategic buckets to help make R&D resource allocation decisions
  • Translate your strategy into action by picking the right development projects to invest in
  • Maximize the productivity of your development portfolio through an effective portfolio management system

What Are Your Challenges?

“Creating value – we want fewer, bigger & better projects.”

“We have difficulty killing and prioritizing projects – too many projects with too few resources and nothing is getting to market.”

“We react to any new idea that comes along. We need to be more strategic about the types of projects we invest in.”

Why You and Your Colleagues Should Attend

  • Achieve high IMPACT by prioritizing projects with the greatest strategic alignment.
  • Achieve greater return on your product innovation investment with improved project selection – PROFITABLE projects that are also strategically important to the company.
  • Optimize scarce resources – FOCUS ideation and innovation efforts on “strategic arenas” that will be your next engines of growth.
  • Achieve the necessary BUY-IN to your product innovation and technology strategy – do it right the first time – use a world-class approach.
  • RECHARGE the way your management team thinks about the way product innovation can add value to the company.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Develop a product innovation strategy and how it impacts innovation performance
  • Define your strategy – which markets, technologies and project types do you focus your product development efforts on?
  • Develop your strategic product and technology road map
  • Use tools for effective gates and portfolio reviews
  • Rank and prioritize projects – picking the winners
  • Use strategic buckets for more effective resource allocation


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