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How to Improve Your Demand Forecast Accuracy

Demand Management is More Critical Than Ever

This course will be delivered LIVE, remotely, over three, 3.5-hour sessions. 

In this course, you will become familiar with and practice the hard and soft skills that it takes to balance supply and demand within a multifunctional organization.


It seems like everywhere we look, supply can’t keep up with demand. So why bother building an unconstrained demand forecast when the supply organization has no hope of meeting that demand? Shouldn’t we spend our time and attention on getting the supply chain right rather than bothering with the demand plan now?


  • Overview of Demand Management
  • Defining the Multiview
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Statistical Forecasts
    • Market Forecasts
    • Product Lifecycles
  • Building the Consensus Plan
  • Demand Planning Cycle
  • Demand Review Best Practices
  • Metrics Driven Continuous Improvement
  • Forecast Accuracy


Watch our 1-hour webinar here OnDemand to get a taste of the class and download a copy of Tracy’s whitepaper “Demand Management is More Critical Than Ever”.


  • Individual Course Registration Member Rate:  $1,499.00
  • Individual Course Registration Non-Member Rate:  $1,799.00


Tracy Daly

Senior Optimization Consultant Six Sigma MBB

Tracy is an experienced market and product leader who has a depth of knowledge in applying Six Sigma methodologies to grow revenue while efficiently serving the customer. She is passionate about helping organizations work across functional boundaries to establish successful business processes that result in higher customer satisfaction and top line growth.

Tracy has more than 35 years of cross-functional experience with DuPont and Chemours. She began her career in the chemical industry in Manufacturing and R&D before shifting to the customer interface. In Market and Product Management roles, she led global business teams to establish market strategies, introduce new products and expand into new markets. Critical to success is her ability to listen for and understand the customer's unmet needs, accurately asses the organization's ability to meet the needs, and lead the cross-functional business team through execution.

Tracy drove Continuous Improvement at DuPont by teaching Six Sigma methodology and leading a team of Top Line Growth Black Belts. Tracy certified black belts in the DMADV methodology, where Design for Six Sigma was successfully applied to sales and marketing efforts. She also developed and shared learning modules in rapid market assessment and value proposition development with market leaders.

As a Demand Competency expert, Tracy led the Demand Workstream of an end-to-end supply chain optimization project that spanned 12 businesses within Chemours. She developed learning modules focused on demand management best practices and taught the newly established demand organization. Tracy focuses on helping organizations strengthen the demand planning competency, processes and data management to drive improved demand forecast accuracy, ultimately enabling reduction in inventory while improving the overall customer experience.

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