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Faster Revenue Growth Enabled by New Digital Tools


Understanding and improving your customer value remains critical for B2B companies seeking increased revenues. Adopting and deploying new digital tools that provide broader, deeper and faster analytics can unlock new opportunities for value creation.

During this webinar Eric Perz, Vice President of Data Science at Brunner will share new digital tools that B2B brands are increasingly using, (“Digital Acceleration”), followed by a discussion and Q&A on why linking customer value with today’s digital toolbox enables revenue growth, and how to take that next step.

Make sure your company has the latest tools to drive value and growth.


Pat Kenny, the founder of VALUE INgineering Consulting, is an expert in improving customer value in B2B markets. Leaning on 30+ years of marketing leadership for companies such as PPG Industries, Inc. and Vitro Glass, Inc., he will start the webinar with insights into the critical nature of customer value and a simple but powerful value management process.

Eric Perz is Vice President of Data Science at Brunner, has for the past 15+ years specialized in analyses relating marketing ROI and optimization, attribution, predictive models for CRM, market assessment, and natural language processing. He and his team work to answer difficult business questions through the application of statistical and machine learning algorithms. His experience covers many sectors including healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail, energy, manufacturing, and CPG. Eric studied engineering at Purdue University and Dartmouth College.

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