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Critical Email Techniques to Increase Open Rates in 2022


Think you know the ins and outs of email marketing? Well, it’s a new year… so it’s time for a rethink! Despite popular belief, you don’t need a fancy platform or large budget to generate incredible outcomes. Driving successful email performance – and ensuring increased open rates – is as easy as implementing a few smart techniques. Leveraging real industry data from the last 30 days, this fast-paced session will share specific tricks and tweaks you can make in your email marketing campaigns right now. Get ahead in today’s rapidly changing landscape and drive major performance for your emails!

Key takeaways will include:

  • Simple and quick campaign tweaks that can be implemented immediately to double email open rates
  • How to utilize offers that are generating huge responses now
  • Specific words and phrasing that can make your subject lines – and emails – standout the most
  • “Dead” tactics and taboos that deserve a resurrection
  • The best days and ideal frequencies for sending emails
  • And more!


Jay Schwedelson is the founder of, the #1 free subject line rating tool ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide, according to Alexa rankings. Having led through 11 million subject lines tested, Jay uses his knowledge to guide organizations across industries in how to implement impactful email marketing that matters.

Jay also serves as the President and CEO of Worldata, responsible for leading the overall organization.  For over 45 years Worldata has served as an industry leader in direct response marketing solutions.

In addition to his corporate roles, Jay plays a significant part in sharing thought leadership throughout the industry. Jay has keynoted and presented for over 50 organizations and has been named to Crain’s Top 100 Industry Leaders for 10 consecutive years.

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