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Creating the Organization of the Future – Part 2: Culture and Values

Part 2 of the 3 part webinar series with Bernie Jaworski


Values and culture often work hand in hand, they are related but in fact distinct concepts. These internally focused directional choices are essential because they define how the work gets done within the organization. To Peter Drucker, values are to an organization are what vitamins are to human body. Indeed, he argued it is everyone’s responsibility to nurture and evolve the culture. Many firms have well-defined values and culture statement. However, our observation is many of these statements function as nice posters on the wall, instead of making a real impact on how employees think and behave in their daily work.

It is indeed very challenging to align values and culture and make them actionable. Many firms fail to translate values and culture statements into daily behavior because they are too generic and not aligned with strategy. This class will teach you how to set right values and culture that can support your organizations’ specific direction (mission, vision, and purpose), so it can ultimately drive organizational success.


Bernie Jaworski

Bernie Jaworski is the Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts, which is named in honor of Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management and the namesake of the Drucker School. He is also an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow, and AMA Marketing Fellow. Jaworski is the recipient of the three prominent Journal of Marketing awards – the Alpha Kappa Psi award which he received twice, the Maynard award, and the Sheth award. He also received the Converse award and Vijay Mahajan lifetime achievement award for contributions to marketing. His 2020 book on organic growth, written with Robert Lurie, received the Leonard Berry AMA book of the year award. His work is highly cited with over 49,000 citations as of March 2022. He has been voted MBA teacher of the year both at USC and Drucker. Jaworski comes to the Drucker School from the Switzerland-based IMD, a highly regarded international business school. Before working at IMD, Jaworski spent a decade as a senior partner of the Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm. During his Monitor career, he co-founded and co-led two global practice areas, the e-commerce practice, and the executive education unit. Among other activities, he was a senior team member of several significant multi-year corporate transformations for multinational clients in various sectors, notably pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices. From 1996 to 1999, Jaworski served as the Jeanne and David Tappan Marketing Fellow and a tenured full professor of marketing at the University of Southern California. He has also served on the faculty at the University of Arizona and as a visiting professor at Harvard Business School as well as on the review boards of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. He is the co-author of four textbooks on e-commerce and has taught topics including leadership, corporate strategy, and service management.

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