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Accessible Design to Maximize Marketing Reach


Making your communications accessible and engaging for the disability community results in greater inclusion, lower risk and higher return.

With years of marketing experience and brand-building expertise, Mike Iannelli, joined by Ablr’s Accessibility Operations Manager, will share trends and insights on how you can engage with your communities, no matter their ability.


Mike Iannelli, co-founder & CRO of Ablr.

Kim Casey, Accessibility Operations Manager, Ablr.


Ablr is a mission-driven Disability Inclusion and Digital Accessibility organization committed to supporting the DEI community with the core purpose of ensuring all people, regardless of ability, have access to the same content, experiences and opportunities. Born from the DNA of America’s largest employer of the blind, we work to eliminate the digital divide, change mindsets, and create pathways for employment.

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Call: 844.304.3265


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