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Segmenting B2B Markets


Grow Your Business Profitability through STP — Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

In the face of increasingly competitive business conditions and limited resources, managers need to know how to identify target markets that provide the fastest and greatest chance for success. In this seminar, a leading authority presents the process and tools to help you identify profitable and reachable groups of customer segments. By targeting segments you can develop a strong competitive positioning and focus resources on customers that make a difference to your business.

Recommended for:  
  • Managers with bottom-line responsibility
  • Managers in charge of developing and delivering targeted products or services to business markets
  • Planners and market researchers who develop and interpret studies that support marketing decisions
  • Company “teams” facing a segmentation problem will especially benefit from this seminar

2-day interactive workshop uses a mix of lectures, discussion, case studies, and videotape illustrations.

Participants are encouraged to bring a marketing problem or challenge to learn how segmentation can help resolve it. For example, if your R&D group has developed a new product or technology, which group of customers should be targeted first, second, etc.? In this seminar, you can put learned concepts to immediate use.


  • Segment markets on the basis of customer needs and value
  • Design better market research studies for segmentation and learn how to use the results to make better decisions
  • Select target markets to achieve the best financial results
  • Write a clear and focused segment-based positioning statement that defines your competitive advantage
  • Better design complete product and service offerings to meet customer needs
  • Align sales force and marketing communication actions for optimal market response


Define Your Segmentation Opportunity

  • Why segmentation works
  • When to use segmentation
  • Segmentation success stories

Build a Segmentation Data Base

  • Define segmentation variables
  • Focus on defining and measuring customer value
  • Conduct market research

Identify Market Segments

  • Analyze the data base
  • Form segments with cluster analysis
  • Describe and label the segments

Select Target Segments

  • Establish criteria and a methodology to select target segments
  • Consider targeting strategies
  • Create your target customer profile

Decide on Positioning and Marketing Strategy

  • Write a positioning statement for the target segment
  • Formulate objectives and marketing strategy to reach the target segment
  • Create segment-based marketing action plans

Implement Segment Action Plans to Achieve Goals

  • Identify barriers to implementation of segmentation strategies
  • Build organizational support for segmentation
  • Tips, traps, and tricks in using STP