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Winning at New Products – AGILE, ADAPTIVE, ACCELERATED


Most businesses have ambitious new-product objectives. But often the business falls short. Too many new product projects fail to achieve their sales and profit targets or have little impact on the business. But there are consistent and proven ways to dramatically improve performance –do you know what they are?

In this 4-morning online seminar, you’ll see the best and proven ways to maximize new-product productivity

  • Faster, more successful, and more profitable launches. Topics we tackle are:
  • Challenges and the critical success drivers in new-product development
  • Accelerating new products to market
  • Building Agile Development methods into your gating process
  • An Innovation Strategy for your business & Product Roadmapping
  • Portfolio Management: making the right innovation investment decisions
  • Portfolio Management: Getting focussed on the right NP projects, prioritizing & resourcing projects*
  • Next steps in your company – making it work!


  • Executives and Senior Managers, as well as, innovation managers in B2B businesses who are responsible for maximizing the returns on their innovation efforts


This seminar consists of four modules, one per morning. Each module tackles 1-2 of the topics above presentations by Cooper with lots of Q&A; and Team Exercises to help participants digest this rich material.


To provide participants with the latest approaches to modernizing their new-product development methods in order to…

  • Increase success rates of launched products
  • Focus resources on the higher value initiatives
  • Accelerate new products to market


Innovation Challenges and Why New Products Succeed

  • Winners versus losers – what do the best firms do differently?
  • Why new products fail…. and what the solutions are
  • What are the really important common denominators of new-product success?
  • The seven most important practices to build into your new-product methods.


Accelerating New Products to Market

  • What the best new-product gating systems look like, and how they should work
  • Adapting your process – for different sizes and types of projects
  • Iterative Development – getting the product right, yet at higher speeds
  • Quick steps to Lean Development – value stream analysis, value stream mapping


Building Agile Development Methods into Your Gating Process

  • Agile Development – borrowing & applying Agile methods from the software world to physical products.
  • The Agile-Stage-Gate model – the best of both worlds
  • Applying Agile methods – sprints, scrums, backlogs and burndown charts — within your Stage-Gate system
  • Making Agile-Stage-Gate work in your business — dealing with the challenges, modifying to suit your business.


An Innovation Strategy for Your Business and Product Roadmapping

  • Setting goals & objectives for product innovation in your Business
  • Ensuring a robust innovation strategy in this fast-paced world:
    • How to become more innovative (to deal with mature product lines)
    • Selecting the right strategic arenas to focus on – ones that will be your engines of growth
  • Roadmapping – mapping out the major initiatives for the future.


Portfolio Management: Making the Right Innovation Investment Decisions

  • Ensuring the resources go to the right projects – Strategic Buckets
  • Fostering innovative profitable NP projects
  • What metrics to use – how to assess the “value of NP projects”
  • Criteria for making the Go/Kill decisions: financial vs. value-based scoring.


Portfolio Management: Getting Focussed on the Right NP Projects, Prioritizing and Resourcing Projects

  • Making the Go/Kill gates work
  • How to rate and rank-order projects in terms of “value to the company” – the Productivity Index
  • How to deliver on time – effective project tracking (on time status)
  • Committing the resources to projects at gates: people and funds
  • How to Kill projects… learning when to say No!


Next Steps in Your Company – Making It Work!

  • Final task: Working in teams, participants discuss what improvements or new approaches they should strive

to implement in their firms, the challenges they’ll face, and how they’ll make it work

  • Next steps and an Action Plan for use when returning to their respective companies.


  • Member:  $1995.00
  • Non-Member:  $2395.00


  • Feb 13, 15, 20, & 22, 2024



Dr. Robert G. Cooper

One of the most influential innovation thought leaders in the business world today. He was rated #21 in the world by in research in the field of management and business. He pioneered the original research that led to many ground breaking discoveries including the Stage Gate® Idea to Launch process. He has published more than 130 articles and 12 books, including the best selling “Winning at New Products”. Dr. Cooper is an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business Administration, USA, and Professor Emeritus, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Cooper’s seminars regularly receive top ratings: “Inspiring, profound, captivating, practical and effective!“ Many companies in North America, Europe, and Asia have introduced his methods, such as: 3M, Alcoa, BASF, Bayer, Bosche Appliances, CNH Industries, Carlsberg, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil Chemicals, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Johne Deere, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, LEGO, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Tetra Pak, VISA, Voith Paper, Volvo Construction, and many others.

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