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Winning at New Products

This course will be held regardless of COVID-19 events. It will be delivered remotely over several days.


Four, 2.5 hour modules. Each module includes a 75-90 minute interactive lecture, a 30-45 minute exercise with feedback, and a more detailed Q&A session


Based on the seminar leader’s bestselling book, now in its 5th edition… the bible for new product development.
Examine the best practices in New Product Development. This program highlights success factors, including the seven most important things to get right, new ways to accelerate and maximize productivity in NPD, and making the right R&D investment decisions – picking, promoting and killing projects.


  • Executives; Marketing & Business development managers
  • R&D managers; experienced innovators; and anyone with responsibilities for maximizing the returns on their product innovation efforts.


2-day virtual workshop-seminar that combines practical examples, illustrations, and stories from collaborations with some of the world’s top performing companies. This course promotes free-flowing, interactive discussions among the typical, high quality network of delegates.


  • Accelerate your New Product Development (NPD) process and dramatically increase profits, success rates and time-to-market based on what the top performing firms are doing
  • Right-size your idea-to-launch system and allow for flexibility and scalability – to suit different sizes, types, and risk-level projects
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the front-end of projects – doing the right front-end homework, and strategies to build voice of the customer
  • Integrate Agile methods from the software world into your traditional methods to develop physical new products.
  • Practice iterative or spiral development to get the product right… fast
  • Significantly improve your portfolio management process to identify higher value projects, yet make decisions faster and more efficiently
  • Determine the right mix of development projects – large versus small; long term versus short term; significant new products versus minor tweaks
  • Apply “lean gates with teeth” to cut through the bureaucracy and get the right Go/Kill decisions.


Module 1: Why New Products Fail, Why They Are Late To Market, and What To Do About It Only one new product concept in seven becomes a winner, and more than half of all development projects are late to market. An understanding of the problem is a first step to a solution. Learn about the reasons for new product failure, and gain insights into why so many miss their launch dates and targets, and what to do about it. See the seven most important things to get right in product development – what the winners do differently. And understand how these best-practices can be effectively adjusted to work best during the current pandemic. Dr. Cooper also reveals detailed data on businesses’ new product performance results, so you can benchmark your company against these.

Module 2: Maximize the Productivity of Your Idea-to-Launch System – Streamline Your Development Process and Practice Iterative Development See how best to maximize productivity and speed in your new product process, so critical in today’s troubled times. Learn how to streamline your idea-to-launch system and right-size it to suit different types of development projects. Understand how lean methodologies and value-stream analysis can be employed in NDP to speed up the process and remove the waste & bureaucracy. Learn how to undertake effective PLRs (post-launch reviews) and build in continuous improvement. Finally, see new methods for accelerating the innovation process through “spiral” or “iterative development”, designed to get the product right… fast… and to obtain rapid customer feedback.

Module 3: Portfolio Management: Getting Focused, Making the Right R&D Investment Decisions, and Committing the Resources Resources are too scarce to waste on the wrong development projects, especially these days when everyone is scrambling. The previous module showed how to maximize productivity in NPD by adopting new ways for developing new products. This Module focuses on maximizing productivity by doing the right projects – making the right investment decisions, and focusing resources on the right NP initiatives. And here most companies struggle: too many projects in the development pipeline, too many low value projects – tweaks and modifications that consume all the resources – and poor project prioritization. In this vital session, Cooper shows the best portfolio management methods to gain focus, achieve the right mix and balance of projects in your development pipeline, and prioritize and pick the highest-value projects for development. Topics include Strategic Buckets, the Productivity Index, Scoring Models and Profiling, dealing with risk and uncertainty, and other best-practice methods. Then see how to make your Go/No Go gate reviews more effective – building in “gates with” teeth, and ensuring that projects get the resources they need by committing resources at gates.

Module 4: What’s Next After Stage-Gate – Moving to the Next Generation Gating System Most firms have implemented some form of a stage-and-gate process to drive their new products to market. But cutting-edge firms are now evolving their systems to the next generation. Hear about what these firms are doing, as Cooper integrates new approaches into a next generation Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid development model. Some ISBM member firms are already successfully using this new approach! See how B2B firms are integrating Agile approaches borrowed from the software world into their more traditional gating methods and for physical products. Understand how this method also works for digital “smart” hardware products with embedded software. Learn about MVPs and Strategic Pivots and how these might work for your types of products. But it’s not as easy as simply “parachuting in” Agile as practiced by your IT folks. Developing B2B new products is very different than developing software. So, learn about how Agile Stage-Gate is working in firms like Honeywell and Tetra Pak and what adjustments they have had to make to implement this new way of working; and see how they use this new model to accelerate their development projects without compromising quality of execution.


Dr. Robert G. Cooper is the founder and president of the Product Development Institute and an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow. Bob is also the creator of the world-famous Stage-Gate® process and was named the “World’s Top Innovation Management Scholar” by the prestigious Journal of Product Innovation Management. He has combined practical consulting with ground-breaking research for many years. Besides his best-selling books “Winning at New Products” and “Portfolio Management for New Products,” Bob has published more than 120 articles on new products, R&D and innovation management.


  • Member:  $995.00
  • Non-Member:  $1195.00

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