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What’s Your Business Style…Builder? Decorator? Remodeler?


Have you been frustrated working for a Decorator, someone fixated on quarterly financial reporting? It’s better to work for a Builder, who drives organic growth by delivering differentiated value to customers… just like your company’s founders. Join Dan Adams, author of the new book, Business Builders, as he presents original, first-ever research proving that companies led by Builders are much more successful. Includes a link to Are-You-A-Business-Builder self-assessment.

Key takeaways:
• See survey results showing how employees view their leaders’ practices today.
• Learn 3 reasons why “maximize shareholder wealth” is a terrible company goal.
• See how the Commodity Death Spiral works… and learn if you’re on it right now.
• Understand the dangers of short time horizons, 2nd order effects, and 1st domino amnesia.
• Learn the #1 mandate for any business leader… and how to promote this behavior.

Presented by: Dan Adams, The AIM Institute


Dan Adams

Dan Adams is the Founder and President of The AIM Institute, and author of New Product Blueprinting: the Awkward Realities microblog, and the popular 50-video series, B2B Organic Growth.  He is a chemical engineer with many patents and awards, including a listing in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Dan has taught his B2B innovation methods to tens of thousands of B2B professionals globally, lectured at many leading universities, and is a popular industry keynote speaker.

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