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Beyond the Hype: Practical AI Strategies Fueling B2B Industrial Innovation (Amir Hartman)

In an era where AI is often surrounded by buzzwords and exaggerated promises, it’s crucial for leaders of B2B industrial companies to cut through the noise and uncover the real, tangible benefits AI can bring to their organizations. “Beyond the Hype: Practical AI Strategies Fueling B2B Industrial Innovation” is a webinar designed to demystify AI and provide a clear, actionable roadmap for integrating AI technologies into your business operations.

Bestselling author and renowned AI/Digitization Strategist, and author of the forthcoming AI Ready will delve into the practical aspects of AI enablement, drawing on real-world examples and proven strategies from leading industrial companies. Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Understanding AI’s Role in Industrial Settings: Learn how AI is transforming operations, from predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, and what this means for your business.
  • Developing an AI Strategy: Key considerations for crafting an AI strategy that aligns with your business objectives and industry-specific challenges.
  • Leadership in the Age of AI: Explore the critical role of leadership in driving AI adoption and fostering a culture that embraces AI transformation.


Amir Hartman

Amir is Managing Director and leads the AI/Digital Strategy practice at Dasteel Consulting.  Working with senior business and technology leaders to develop and implement AI/Digital strategies that maximize the full potential of their most valuable assets—their customers. He is also the AI Strategy Research Director for the Experience Alliance and

Before joining Dasteel Consulting, Amir was Managing Director of Customer Success at Oracle, where he worked closely with customer executives to build their digital strategies and ensure they achieve measurable value from their Oracle cloud investments. Prior to joining Oracle, Amir co-founded and served as the Managing Director of Mainstay Company, a B2B digital strategy advisory firm dedicated to engineering customer outcomes from technology investments and enhancing the sales, marketing, and customer success processes some of world's best technology companies.

Earlier in his career, Amir was a founding member and industry practice leader at Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group, where he worked with Cisco's top customers to develop their internet business strategies to drive growth and improve efficiency.

Amir is a bestselling author, known for works including "Net Ready," "Competing for Customers," and the upcoming "AI Ready" (2024). His expertise in digital technology has made him a sought-after speaker. Beyond his writing, Amir has contributed to education and research, teaching at MBA and Executive MBA programs at Berkeley's Haas School of Business and Harvard Business School, with a focus on internet business strategy and digital transformation.


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